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It has been shown, for example, that malaria cannot be transmitted

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parative tension and fulness. The skin may now be drawn over the

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Myrtle, A. S. and A. Pract. Observ. on Harrogate Mineral Waters, 1892. — 39.

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oped in connection with suppurative inflammation; and the more an

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nights out of his first sleep and compelled liim to sit up for the rest of

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the body resistance can usually be brought well within 3000 ohms, this

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important perhaps than the more striking specific ones. Unfortunately

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tion, and restore the exhausted functions. If the prostration be excessive,

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Treatment by hydrotherapeutic means depends chiefly on the reaction

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to the effect on predisposition of certain more special and easily defined

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During the same year Whittle records cases in Liverpool, some of which he

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On the surface of a gelatine plate the growth, as described by Koch,

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public more closely than any other, as both doctors and patients depend

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Louisville a short time since, in the capacity of commissioners for select-

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ease, and that there is no evidence that the relapses are infective in

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can dominate ; hence it is important not to accept the report of an un-

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much a preparation in advance as an inheritance or an acquirement —

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easy even in the case of adults, is difficult or quite impossible in the case

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' membered things which he could not when awake ; and both the ideas

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(/8) Pulmonary dyspnoea is due to many causes : — (i.) Extension of

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pared plates exposed to the air of wards containing cases of erysipelas

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dying within an hour after delivery, the propriety of the measure, both

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enabling them to grow and to manufacture their toxins. It must be con-

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who are uniformly to be regarded with suspicion. It may be assumed

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regard with great suspicion any bacillus which not merely resembles the

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here considered discoveries, viz., the propulsion of machinery by elec-

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which must account for the brevity of the descriptiou. The wound of

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duced by a single impression, may be effected by a concurrence or suc-

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and therefore also of the ovum or embryo. As the tissues of the normal

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disease is permanently endemic ; this points strongly to the probability

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Wlien the spasm ceases the patient is worn out, subsides into quietude,

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ous micro-organisms, amongst them the typhoid bacilli, have been found

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In severer cases more active treatment is required, and, the disease

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least, it was of solid benefit to its founder, who is said to have left Paris

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Amongst the cold springs Harrogate is best known in England, Llan-

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the histological demonstration of a Micro-organism in the Tissue; Koch's

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