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criminal character, we are told, and very often the finest
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titis, gastric remittent and intermittent fever, cramp of the breast, congestion of
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near the sixth or seventh month (in Sept. 1839). On examination twelve hours
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companied with corresponding atrophy of the red or vascular tissue, giving rise
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ing noise recalls to mind a remarkable case of chorea related by
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logy of pyaemia, puerperal fever, hospital gangrene and the
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has given it with benefit in puerperal diseases, and Duchek in several
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of the cesophagus was frequently implicated along with the
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remarks which we have made, however, chiefly bear upon the
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hours from early morning till bedtime. An average of
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It is of little importance from the hygienic viewpoint,
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stated by Dr. Humphreys. The annual average is hence 13.8.
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cardia, so that the posterior fibres were smashed. This in no way
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arge pieces had come away while under treatment ; she had never
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eased. It is a calamity, not a blessing, to get rid of a "
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of great pain at the scrobiculus cordis. The spasms are more frequent and
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oy both ; but we must call attention to Dr. Maudsley's chapter
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the type, resemble on section fibromata or fibro-myomata, being
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testinal canal, and a part of the brain. This was boiled with distilled
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kind more valuable than that we have been examining, its tide is unknown to us.
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who occupied the lower part of the dwelling, also sickened, but
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the intervening substance and fibres. Whether, in the further
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the coronary arteries, as they are named, may be quite
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