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dorsalis, it is simply consecutive to the dorso-lumbar lesion of tabes (Pierret),
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Cesarean section is more desirable than craniotomy, but
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miasmatic emanations. The constant breathing of such putrescent
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the spine, if neglected. The primary congestion lies in the spine
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preferred by the patient. There is no uncertainty as to the
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were well supplied with blood; sinuses not overfull.
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January 15, 1827. — Robert Parmer, aged 19. Has been ill five
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elevation of the central temperature has been observed (febris alba
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his mouth to one side when he cried, and brought him to our clinic.
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Myocarditis, dilatation of aortic Aortic regurgitation 4
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sufficient to destroy the rule? I can only refer to what has been said
provera dose to induce period
years, but at present only a small proportion has reached
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out serious organic disease, referred her to me for a
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agus, Their Treatment by Retrograde Dilatation, by Henry Mann
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frequency of paralysis, for in many cases it comes on long after
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prietor of such a preparation is liable .to damages for in-
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cation, so as to approach or fall back, according to circumstances.
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water form a good resolvent collyrium. M. Carron-du-Villards recom-
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region, and from here upward the consistency diminished
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It is only by analysing the number and degree of the
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sation in the aneurysm and the arteries of the left upper ex-
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Cough, although generally existing, is very rarely sufficiently trouble-
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eighteen lesions were present, scattered over the body, and most of
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that roundness peculiar to the sex. The voice changes and becomes fuller
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In The Physician as Poet, May 1995 issue, page 304, the poem titled Hospice a line was inadvertantly
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of examination. The result has been most gratifying. The
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was inserted, and the symptoms were relieved from that time. The
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ing the views of the profession in regard to the supposed dan-
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its usually fatal course, than to entail upon him the
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Scrofula is a rare disease among butchers ; and the reason is because this
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relieved, that he was able to leave the hospital ; the secondary tumour had con-
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tine to treat his Hodgkin’s disease . 3 Combination chemother-
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celebrated Spa "Pluto," America's Aperient, he will introduce at once through the