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and feeble constitution, twelve years anteriorly, while giving birth to her
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It would be useless at present to detail the particulars of the other fifteen
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the patient rested on the distal extremities of the metatarsal bones; this
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presently joined her. She gave a history of fairly normal pel-
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the Chinese merchants, dependent in large part upon
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vised. The generalization of the principle is, however,
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dropping wears the stone," it may be regarded as at
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electricity collected by balls when passing through the air, is sufficient to
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difficult to make a new ala out of the tissues of the cheek
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— in fact, a little over-nourished. There were no pathcllogical
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the names of men who occupy the chairs of obstetrics
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The necessity of operating for cystocele, either witli
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of the organism described by him in 1899, and which
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10, on the shaved scalp three or four times a day. He sug-
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Morris also remarks that within his observation sixteen
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chill supervened, with vertigo, nausea, and empty retching; heat and per-
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ness present for several hours. Otherwise the man was in ap-
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der did not augur well for the future. The mass was 4 inches
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Metallic Magnetism as a Preventive of Miscarriage. By Dr. Bicking,
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lical as far as the relation of the solids go to each other, with
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' Principles of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, p. 242, London, 1837.
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divided into three portions; a right, left, and inferior lobe, of nearly equal
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obliterate the folds which remain after ordinary operation has
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become the themes of his laudation. Another resides for a time in a northern
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sounding, the stenosis was dilated and the symptoms relieved.
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doubtedly doing BO. It is a reflection on California
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occurred in a neighbouring town, and do so more particularly to elicit your
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goes on to give statistics where 6325 cases of diphtheria were
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that she sulTered damage to the extent of $5000 while in a
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canal. (This feature, which also pertains to Schroeder's
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The increase in the ntmiber of births is one that is more a
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be considered in most cases, but there are respiratory and
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demonstrates that there is as yet but little real support
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Dr. Kobebt T. Morris, in a paper on this phase of the sub-
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Hotel Accommodation at the St. Paul Meeting. — St.
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dition of the little girl above-mehtioned, without diminishing her thirst,
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in his noble head, where the strong delineation of his character was por-
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The diflBculty in determining the character of stains
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versity, was seized with an attack of apoplexy recently and is
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varieties are practically exterminated in most thickly
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