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the right auricle; also at the base of the ventricles and
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to follow instances — such as that of Octavie, (case 3) — in
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which has so long been the strong hold of quackery, will now
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I want my AMA-ERF contribution to go to the medical school of my choice which is
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probably justly said, about the child being unusually susceptible
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(1 hour AMA Category credit available unless otherwise specified)
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specific responsibilities and tasks to that organization
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almost heroic fight against the ravages of death. It is
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the muscles supplied from the spinal nerves are chiefly impli-
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less contra-indicated, and we seldom meet with a case
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7. Boyer KM: Group B streptococcal antigenuria in an
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creasing health problem over the past few years. The
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the discharge has ceased, the injection should be continued for
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epilepsy and those rheumatic cerebro-spinal cases I liave men-
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tice of Medicine and Surgery, — The advantages derived
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formly present, viz.: " pain in the head." Eberle gives " sy-
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causes no eczema, and is less expensive than the similar method
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other papers designed to be read at the Meetings of the
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tion which will be found most effectual in cases of phymosis
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of pus. He says, 1st. That superficial veins can be opened
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tion on any portion, or the whole, as the case may be, is
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Psychiatry Grand Rounds - 12-1:30 pm, VA Regional Bldg - Training Room, Sioux Falls, Info: Dougals J. Soule, PhD -
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