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the walls of this cavity. These spots are covered with a sort
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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) The aryepiglottic folds and the ventricu-
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seems to be to eat, laugh, and grow fat ; leaving the
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had a great deal to do with its efficacy. In certain
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sults are certainly as favorable as could be reason-
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Norfolk District Medical Society of Massachusetts. He
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treatment of soldiers, 150 altogether, and intimated that more would be
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Cancer in the tongue there are examples and to spare.
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constant and uninterrupted succession of the loudest single raps. . .
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lung consolidated by pneumonia is retrograding towards a recovery
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This small swelling indicated that the injection was not large
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good citizen, and guided by an enlightened public spirit, he gave his
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are nevertheless imbued with a spirit of great earnestness. It was
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criticised Metchnikoff's sorcalled hog-cholera microbe, which we do not
chea. Connection was then made with the apparatus, and forced respii'ar
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1858 b— Idem. v. 2, iv+432pp., figs., pis. 8°. London. [\V<\]
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ulcerations on the vocal cords, lesions which we were obliged to
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edition of this work. The proceedings inculcated in these in-
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which gave cause to the birth of scientific research in a branch of
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constipation, he has found that they become more and more
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surface was not coyered by the fktty layer. At this part it was sera to be invested by a
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acid poisoning, or from the operation itself, I was un-
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Hseckel uaed the term bionta to designate a physiologi-
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exuded, in various portions, through the walls of the vessels and the
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tumours. With the following remarks we fully agree :
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The nine cases related all occurred in females. Two operations were under-
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personal pride in professional excellence would tend to
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flour, and four eggs. Tea-spoonful of salaeratus, nutmeg
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Prof. Unna, of Germany, in his native tongue ; Prof.
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Among the more notable of these diseases are typhoid fever and
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condition of the patient, it is necessary to sum up the various
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persistent treatment, frictions with oil and forcible flexion
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and evaporate it to dryness, stirring actively as the salt drUa,
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sessing these qualities is an efficient cleansing solu-
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In old and chronic cases of Bronchitis the stimulant volatile
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developed, through rachitis for instance, then hypostatic infil-
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either ulcerations consecutive to disease of bones, or
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