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is so slender that we need not consider it further. The most impor-
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the Hoppe-Seyler method the Pettenkofer reaction is the final test,
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our assays, being equivalent to a little less than 16 minims of a good
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itself have shown signs of failing nutrition in general weakness, pal-
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cases in proper serial order; and some symptom groups, no doubt, are yet
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was Pellagrin 200, M. B., aged 30 years. In 1906 she had typhoid fever ; the
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ever, that fibroid changes in both the internal and the external coats
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Lord's 8 work is of special interest. In 1902 he found influenza
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some of the darkest fields in connection with heart disease.
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administration by mouth of 30 grains of calcium chlorid was begun. On
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the inhabitants of the endemic foci of the disease. It now appears that
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We will next briefly recur to the cystic lymphangioma which was
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but in a considerable degree, we believe, it represents a real increase
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emphasis is the fact that placental substrate allowed to act for only
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case of. sudden death in aortic insufficiency from oedema of the lungs,
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sure in the arteries is permanently reduced. In the case of insuffi-
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stenosis could not be felt at the apex of the heart. The author inti-
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probable syphilitic myocarditis as a basis, became permanent.
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rule, the origin is insidious and the development is slow, so that the
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A fairly complete study of a small group of patients with acute
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7 i 4 » \ <i u ii ** H It rf i» « » u >*
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stenosis could not be felt at the apex of the heart. The author inti-
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deformed and overgrown one. What is hereditary is clearly a liability
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and sister died. Pellagrin 391, E. H., aged 23 years, died in the State Hospital
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arteriosclerosis, the arteries generally being thickened. In many
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ments of the time intervals of the onset of negativity in the sino-auricu-
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expedition which involved considerable physical exertion and fatigue;
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form of the ventricular complexes during complete heart block, occur-
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noea, intense in some cases, slight or nearly absent in others. Ewart
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the blood is no longer driven through the lungs in sufficient force or
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in tap water was followed. The culture medium in all three series
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expect to find a marked diminution compared to normal in the circu-
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which the patient frequently develops delirium, and the last or coma-
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tilla pratensis), unicorn root (Aletris farinosa, Fig. 2), and figwort
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some of the characters of the disease and those of other neuroses.
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tomy performed experimentally in animals and for disease in men
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tant roles. It is significant that practically all strains show very low
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sufficient circulation might be maintained in those which remained
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In exceptional cases only one lobe is enlarged and this may be asso-
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muscle sounds were rumbling and of poor quality. Examination of the lungs
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ventricular rhythm, which it did in 25 per cent. In 12.5 per cent,
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abdomen was seen to be studded with vesicles of milky contents.
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of phthisis and scrofula, we can at present do little more than state