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she began to suffer with tenderness in the lower part of the abdomen,

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mall a quantity as l-750th of a grain of picrotoxine in a pint of ale. The

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It would appear that difficulty in full dilatation does not depend upon the

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Mills, H. W. : Suprapubic Prostatectomy. Interstate Med. Jour, 1915, vol. 22,

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tion, leads to gastric troubles, and to gouty, rheumatic,

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composition of the horse's liver;, this view is evidently as

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penny-wise economy disi)layed by tho now County Council of

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from which time it had gradually increased in size,

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currants perfectly washed and dried, the peel cut into thin

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The animals did vary much in the responses to the drugs; we found that

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spells which would have forced him to materialize had

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tion. I am obliged, therefore, to recant the advice which I was

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rosi)onsibIe for advanced pulmonary tuberculosis. To an archaic terminology

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when stimulants are necessary. The patient should be con-

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E. Elliott Norris, Dr. William H. Welch, Dr. J. S. Bryant, Dr.

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least, are probably transmissible to man just as are various epi- or

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time abolish the excitability of the cord. There is a momentary