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diagnosis will be considered in connection with the history of these dis-
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Journal; the November number, 1848, of the Charleston Journal;
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tance of the subject the investigation is still being pursued.
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come stridulous, and in the advanced stages the voice is changed. The
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a faradic current of constant strength, the secondary coil being
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3. After complete extirpation of the thyroid gland, the parathy-
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toms peculiar to the bilious fever of former years, such as we were
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lating diet, and in greater abundance than the European populations
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added to make a 1 per cent solution. While still warm the dye was
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very large quantities without producing the same phenomena it
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The Qualitative Effects of Serum Introduced into the Nose Depend
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fifty years, was attacked with severe pain in the index finger of the
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I am presenting this report, though brief, for it seems to contain an
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and kill them, with the clinical picture of anaphylactic shock.
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1 Nothnagel advises small doses of morphine for the excitement that precedes anaemic delirium.
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occurs in some muscles, especially those of the forearm, and twitchings,
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time interval, as the dilatation caused by the liberated epinephrin. Both sym-
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gland exists at the same time, even if no clinical symptoms are present.
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