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cellent treatise, and no medical library should be with-


A Treatise on Tetanus, being the Essay for which the Jacksonian

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the palate and stomach, citric acid or lemon-juice may be added to each

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loivcr opening ; no other aesistance was required than three incisions

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hair. These movements are in great measure voluntary ; they are directed

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the latter. Liability to tuberculous affections after recovery. In roseola,

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The microscope shows epithelial cells distended with oil, together with

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rapidly assuming a pinkish hue on exposure to the air; the other is gene-

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sometimes observed and other forms of eruption, viz., erythema nodosum,

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knowledge of the disease is likel}" to produce, it is sometimes judicious to

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i^RT. XVIII. — New Methods of Cure in Cases of Umiatural

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nervus terminalis, to be described, the sphenopalatine cells may

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persons, was attacked six weeks afterward, the eruption reappearing, and

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and mental depression. He described paroxysms of frequent occurrence

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the size of those of the semilunar and dorsal root ganglia. They

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or tinctures, and chalybeate preparations. The salts of potassa are use

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in the crab's stomach is the same acid which plays so important a

metanx side effects dizziness

and neck.* My thirst was excessive, and I could bear nothing but

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to us a key capable of unlocking vast stores of knowledge.

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Mercury has been considered b}^ many as highly important in this di;*.

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tympanic cavity. Here it extends anteriorly in a shallow groove

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nous by Abeille (the whole luunber of cases analyzed being 53), in 8 cases

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excreta, and thc}^ account for the prevalence of the disease by the dissemi-

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S3'stem is enfeebled, the generative function decay's. The blood is impov-

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accompanied by oxaluria. It may happen, however, that the calculi

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canaUs facialis as far as the posterior extremity of the semilunar

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few clinical facts, showing the value of the remedy in this disease, were

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after the fibers had crossed, so that the right root is really the

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cient knowledge or skill to reach the diagnosis b3^ exclusion, practitioners

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