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neuroglia cells. These results, if I may be allowed this interpretation of them,

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W. Ord, M.D., F.R.C.P., of London, opened the discus-

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Hospital, Saint Paul, Minnesota, for the years 1938 to

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Same patient as in Fig. 21 wearing a low-heel shoe; no eversion (Fig. 22) . . 180

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return. A penalty of 6 per cent computed on the amount of the underpayment from the due date

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levulose appears in the urine just as glucose does under like conditions.

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Feb. 2oth.— Voice less husky; cough and expectoration very much dimin-

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area is distinctly hotter than the blood brought thither by the arteries.

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Cargo. — As a rule, the cargo of a vessel infected with pestilential

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considerably lower than the name of the vertebra would seem to imply.

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In the morning his head is free from the debilitating effects of the previous night’s libations

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cavity, the Dakin's solution being very irritating to the bronchi.

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230573; July 27, 1880. — Sigwald (C. B.) Improvement

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and thus assists in preventing pathological changes. It

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VII. A Case of Ainhum. By Louis A. Duhring, M D., Clinical Professor

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ordinary methods as well as those of Gram and Weigert.

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1862.] Salisbury, Effects of Fuugi on Human System. 25