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has died of pyopneumothorax, it is often difficult, and sometimes impos-

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Hypertrophy of one kidney after removal or destruction of the other

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altei'ed in atonic dyspepsia only during the attack ; while it is cloudy and

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quarantined. The dwelling in which the fever has broken out should be

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pitting, especially upon the face, which is so frequent a result. The erup-

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Copious intestinal hemorrhages are more frequent in severe cases that have

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veins in the gouty are especially liable to these manifestations, although

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to the upper part of the chest, is of great service in its late as well as in its

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cal character. Mitral stenosis is accompanied by a purring thrill, which is

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jectile in character, and the ejected matter has an alkaline reaction and is

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bending of the neck of the femur, usually laterally.

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to, may be the direct cause of death. Peritonitis and hemorrhages from

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Radiograph showing white swelling of the knee joint. Infection followed vaccination The case

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The respiration is more constantly increased in frequency in pneu-

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Dropsy occurs early ; there have been several theories advanced as to its

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On section, the liver-tissue in the vicinity of the tumor is found com-

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the application of dry cups over the region of the kidneys. In order that

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tending the formation of these abscesses are like those attending the

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being wholly composed of fluid pus, which may be fetid and greenish, and

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or diluted, one part of the solution to one, two, three or more parts of

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ful of the acetate of zinc to a quart of water, is often useful, or a 1 :5000

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then on the chest, arms, and legs. In children they may first appear on the

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the vesical plexus, thereby diminishing the integrity of the viscus.

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not l)y a continuation of the morbid process, but simply by the restitution of the normal condition.

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ficial respiration resorted to. When laryngismus occurs in the adult, those

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tiie body becomes rough, the blood seems to- recede from it, and it as-

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on the cheeks. The obstruction of the vessels of the gastric mucous mem-

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The treatment consists in removing lesions affecting the integrity

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diminish at the same time ; .the fits of palpitation may come on suddenly,

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tion, is not unusual. Neighboring lymphatic glands become inflamed

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relief in every case, and frequently postpone the fatal issue.

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to the upper part of the chest, is of great service in its late as well as in its

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The patient soon becomes unconscious and delirium appears. In some

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tis and by diarrhoea which is often very troublesome and difficult to relieve;

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the first week of the disease, the presence of the rose-colored spots is neces-

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become strangulated, an operation should be done immediately, to effect

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other metastases complicate the parotitis, the prognosis is more or less un-

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found in its deeper layers, and pressing against the fibrinous bands they

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years old with extensive aortic reflux, who had had three attacks of pneu-