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ated, though subject to frequent epistaxes, and that she
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vice at the meeting of the Medical Society of the State
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liquidation of the physician's bill. Patients of the
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prescription the drug is sold, the date of the sale,
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April 8th. Throat became sore, swallowing difficult,
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titis, without any tanning, to an inflammation of the
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President, Dr. Thomas H. McKee, oi Buffalo; first vice-
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in the Academy of Medicine. The subject will be Unit
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25. Textbook of Nervous Diseases, Organic and Func-
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ual, sufifering from infection, as compared with that
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guest of Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler at a dinner at the Union
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These banks loan the precious substance to scientists and
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gelic hierarchy; of three theological gifts: faith,
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at St. Louis in 1910. Loeb speaks of the aetiology,
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all over the plate. Crisp definition over the whole
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since it strains the already weak anterior abdominal
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actually destroyed that of the prescribing physician.
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Mitchell states that cocaine is a protoplasmic poi-
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mental condition. Over five pounds more had been added
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failure from any cause, in the different varieties of
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heart continued to beat for some time after death —
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the heightened part played in therapeutics by vari-
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where you would have a contraction of the cardiac end with a concomit-
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and the present one, the eleventh. The great change
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tian. Proctology: Lewis H. Adler, Jr. Gynecology: B. F.
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ber 12, 1910) by the following simple prescription :
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vertisements being allowed to disfigure their high-
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heat locally, relieving the patient of the distressing
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at wider apertures of diaphragm, — apertures per-
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16. Lamarckian, theory, refers to the inheritance of ac-
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To these two important mechanical principles must be added a
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ods for caring for the insane will be the subject of a pa-
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changes, which soon usher in the lethal stage. Frac-
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Norman, Seaton, Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Au-
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to recur frequently, a resistiveness to treatment, a
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him a less simple treatment than dilatation, even if
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War has given us many cases of traumatic glycosuria which fall
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Colorado — .Archuleta County ....... .Oct. 1-31 7
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and prevents, rather than fosters, drainage, making
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small communities with an expert, trained, reliable nurse.
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aconite that raised the Irish school of medicine to
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which are inert matter in a state of minute division.