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dantly demonstrated that the lesions of the peripheral nerves are not

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It is no exaggeration to say that its text is exquisitely

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and greater, until finally he could no longer enter the

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the diagnosis of auricular fibrillation. Although there is no record of the

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emetic may be dissolved in a pint of barley water, and of this mixture

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the old country, and it requires but scant scrutiny

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moses which are more or less abnormal. When these branches be-

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ward became insane. She was treated in another hos-

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But if it initiated modern legislation on the subject, it initiated

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I HAVE been asked to speak as to my own personal experience

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in this matter of charging hospital patients, stated it

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better expect that this will be so, and follow what is a

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1,098, he advocated the use of morphine for the relief

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speedy and at the same time a favourable termination. It is

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Bronchitis, or inflammation of the membrane lining the air pas-

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needles curved on the flat and held between the transverse portion of

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no perceptible pixlse. The nose began to bleed almost immediately, and on

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The urine contained a very small amount of albumen and there was

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on the physician-accoucheur — Dr. John Williams — who

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The largest mass is one and one-half inches in the rectum, involv-

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The great mass of the people of London have fallen into a

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material as well as cordial thanks of the profession. . E. H.

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The day of the politician who “knows” what is right

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de la fifevre typhoide. Bull. Acad. my. de med. de lielg.,

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course in the use of "Vin Mariani." There is no doubt whatever that this prepara-

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wifery, 1,105 of which occurred in the practice of the author, and 681

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outlook for leprosy was being kept at all the sea-ports,

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prevent this repetition of relapses, the rational use of quinine accom-

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the incidence of occupational disease to "zero". Utilization of machine-access-

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as to the immediate outlook. ]\luch may be learned also by watching

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Baehr, and Dr. B. S. Denzer, had furnished the final

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Square, a most central situation, has been bought by the society,

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above the cardiac end of the stomach, to enter this only some

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No. 1. — 1.0 methj'lene-blue dissolved, 20 c.c. 96% alcohol, 90 c.c.

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different evaporating lotions. These tend to keep the morbid action

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States to obtain from the consular officer a bill of health.

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through the wound or abrasion. It is therefore highly necessary

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in imminent danger, that the supervention of dropsy is most commonly

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portimity for infective substances in solution to enter the blood-stream