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quent causes of death in the fatal cases. Of the cases injected

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burning or neuralgic pains arise, in some tingUng, numbness, or absolute

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or diarsenolized serum. The patients in the thirty cases comprising

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— the latter occurring during the first two or three days of the disease.

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Instruct your druggist to place these emergency remedies in stock.

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operating table for purposes of localisation, but now will

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The fluid should have at all times a neutral reaction to test-

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monkish supersitition, when science and philsophy were condemned

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submitted interesting reports of operations at the college.

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ropean countries, we have fewer good ones. This is eminently true of med-

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This term describes a class of cases who suddenly use

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Diseases and Diseases of the Veins-," by J. L. Hol-

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you from a purely clinical standpoint and show you under how

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work during 1889, which included a large number of capital

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The antiseptic pads are unquestionably efficient. If any

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having slipped out from under the transverse ligament occa-

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which may generally be distinguished from intestinal hemorrhage by its

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Amputation could only be resorted to several hours after the

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of the bone can be felt to move when the mouth is opened.

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paper, indicating the presence of the habit, and its debilitating influence

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clavicle. This was the clavicular portion of the pec-

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of the body. I first incised the gums over two teeth, and then

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feed on, and the schools and the professors of whom

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had receded. Removal of the fluid was effected as speedily as

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Berl'., 1891, xii. 153-169, 1 pi. Also. Reprint. . Zur

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nourished and badly sheltered, he is not at his best.

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off from the ti'.mor the blood-supply from the enlarged ovarian,

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