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Baptisia tinctoria is antiseptic, tonic, stimulant, alterative and

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Indications. — Irregular or intermittent action of the heart;

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summate skill that they can be distinguished. It is easy

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injections used as the examination should decide. He never

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"In employing mixtures of serum and of defibrinated

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and this will furnish a good opportunity for the young physi-

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and in amenorrhea it can be employed with assurance of favor-

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is transmitted principally by coition with infected persons,

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cactus every four hours, and she passed an excellent night without

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of saliva as regards its viscosity, as it is always associated with

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"Belladonna has other special uses, but they may be briefly

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the peritoneal cavity appeared, and the tent was removed, and

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pism has been recently removed, a peculiar sense of "pungency"

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freshness. It is an advantage, not without value, to take

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and perineum, .elaterium, in very small doses, is not excelled by

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will observe a flattened or hollow space, indicating the

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of exposure. The negative is preferable to the print."^

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headache associated with diarrhea or vomiting of bile, comes

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some persons have a peculiar susceptibility to the drug. Its

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attacked die. Do not confound milk fever with inflamma-

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throat, caused or increased by the use of the voice.

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to see whether any other points were visible. I plugged the

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subject in a clear, intelligible and concise manner, so as to

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it can be seen to become again consolidated and then to open

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membrane, covering the gland and prepuce in males, or at

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hypersulphate, but upon the large amount of acid salts, par-

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ing-cough, it is a true specific in those to which it is adapted.

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"In rheumatic affections, so frequently dependent upon a

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but recently inaugurated by your honorable Board, have consisted of one