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(a) Fibrous Tumours of the Perineum. — First amongst these are the

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examination of the eye made by Dr. W. H. Wilmer revealed a

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Lupus hypertrophicus also shows a tendency to subside at its

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which the Stone was located by the X-Ray. — By G. N. J.

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years ago to strive after the discovery of measures of prevention.

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drainage before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, about one

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digestive canal, is so commonly associated with disease

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"You will not often meet with so severe a case as this ending

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or whether, in a certain proportion of cases, it be acquired. Do tlie causes

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namely, that the age influence is more easily studied when the heredi-

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not vaccinated are unprotected ; and that throughout the civilized world

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purging is simultaneous with or follows quickly the vomiting. Mori-ovw,