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The two ends of the wire were then twisted on each other
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it ; yet, sometimes we do find that in such patients
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to be by far the most common cause of trouble following ovariotomy,
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ficial physical contact of the vapor. {Centralbl. fiir Chirurgie^ Vol.
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epoch of hasty impatience, of busy precipitation, of external
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clinical views will concern us on this page. — RH
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is the form that Kussmaul described, and is by far the most frequent
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lard, suet, and essential oils, is remarkable as entirely omitting
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morning and remained in bed. In the afternoon she had a
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for the germs to multiply, and anon we have muco-pus and
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Recovery often is complete but great crippling may follow from adhesions.
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comparatively severe constitutional reaction, but not
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noted, however, that the antitoxic value of the blood-serum of the immunized horse
There is a considerable difference between the average composition of the
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Liver of about the usual size, intensely congested, and contained a con-
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The standard of capacity is the litre — 1.0567 quarts, and that of weight is
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and will take great pains to elicit it. It will do many favors to
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test as after a meal more suited to excite the functions of the stomach to their full
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remarkable circumstance brought out by the microscope, appeared to connect
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applied to the posterior wall of the pharynx, so as to entirely sepa-
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chea, as well as the larynx, was tender i received by him, viz.: the Pennsylvania
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have the inflammation concentrated on different organs, one suf-
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ington, who depicted the errors of the construction of the habi-
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ty Medical Society was held at Plainview on October 6.
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the experiments detailed p. 132, Yol. IL). We had thus indica-
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So far as I have been able to ascertain, no case of ac-
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made, three minutes apart. Two minutes later the sensi-
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stain, sections prepared by the Marchi method show but little evidence
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ones are well suited for the employment of electrolysis, as has been
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enable him to follow his occupation. Therefore he was willing
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ances of the parietal bones. Now Dr. Haighton's instrument has the
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Smith reported on the nomenclature of diseases, a minority
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tainted articles of diet, such as high game. Articles of diet, which in
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there only in the presence of the material objects themselves. We
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F. K., aged 2'^, white, a baker by occupation, was admitted
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bolism in colored women, one on the twelfth day, the other on the four-
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make, and also respecting the causation, in certain dis-
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berries, and aloes, made into a mass with extract of gentian ;
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