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corpora cavernosa, which slowly and painlessly increases in size until it
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cases of primary syphilis within the cavity of the mouth. These statistics
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factory to know the '' real value of vaccine inoculation, as at present con-
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from sudden accidents ; from situations in which death is imminent ; and
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rare ; tbe disease probably taking place in the last days or hours of tbe
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the dissection, the root of the aorta was found ossified, and the semilu-
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laryngeal or otherwise. It was also accepted that an enlarged thymus might
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scribe lupulia, and he finds it frequently induce sleep, and quiet nervous
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the point of the tongue, may provoke contractions in that organ, and, in
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It occurs as early as the eighth or as late as the hundred-and-tenth
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view into two classes, characterized by particular forms, and requiring
bad so far encroached upon his health that it was with great difficulty
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in size up to a diameter of a quarter of an inch, may be scattered through-
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which may be followed by visceral complications, tonsillitis is rarely a fatal
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cossing the merits, not only of the said heart and liver, but a pound, per
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fluids of the body. Ulceration is a mere compound action, consisting of
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tution somewhat impaired by a disease previously contracted, found
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t appearance to the body's lying on the back, which is well known some*
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'^ ' Id tfdnnection with another, that the relation between the external radia-
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Certain cases of hemiplegia and of diplegia present a form of intention
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recently we have had high frequency currents introduced, and in the hands
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primary focus in 331 cases. Of these 331, 93, or 28*1 per cent, had to be
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species of quackery, consists in his employing the bed of Procrustes, to
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divided. Then the superjacent thyroid tissue must be cut through till the
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in imminent danger of death. Many, very many lives, I have no doubt,
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M.O.,Profes8or of Midwifery, University of the State of New York, of Proftasorsof Midwifsfrv"*
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part of the body, is usually accompanied by a fall of temperature in the affected
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subject of observation. Liebnecht, by striking a globule of mercury six
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the chick. This theory of teratogenesis receives a certain measure of
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D^l^pine, by inoculating a mixture of tuberculous sputa into calves, has
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labors ; the spot is now well occupied by a green house which invites
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April, May, and June. These are also the months of highest admission-
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(4) Eelation to sea, whether the centre of a continent, island, etc.
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Risks attending the Manufacture and Use of Explosives
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this disease — general paralysis — is not necessarily grandiose delusions,
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A 2, B 2, etc., were kept at room temperature, average about 24° C.
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I would recommend that the patient at the very outset be directed to
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affection seems rather to point to derangement of the spinal cord, and this