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Cholera and its Treatment. Rogers. $4.00. Oxford University Press.
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Formed the keynotes of the Congress, although they were kept well
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where we would naturally expect brilliant results, total failure resulted despite
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been told operation for removal of glands absolutely necessary.
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A constant increase in the number of bed patients treated is
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similar reasons infections are carried through the veins and lym-
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withdrew his resignation ; when he resigned he was a consulting physician ; I asked him if
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memorial to her late husband, E. M. Phelps. The property extends from
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ally occurs in childhood, it is most common between the ages of
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reasonable taxi-cab and the multiplicity of auto-omnibus services
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over, almost all cases, whether poorly nourished or not, exhibit
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every homceopathist to know that the record is that of the son of Dr.Speirs
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classifications which will be descriptive of the extent of the dis-
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pled her right arm. The hospital's defense is that the patient did consent
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of the resignation of President Huntington with dismay and ap-
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how else it is possible to put yourself on record other than by moving an amendment ; and
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Baxter, Copeland, Runnels, Rand, Walton, Hawkes and Cobb
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empties into the internal maxillary vein, and the third, through
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vastly different. The work of the surgeon will be rather increased,
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consider the question of the advisability of eliminating the note
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thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands to the toxemias, a complete ther-
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the Registrar to the International Association of Railroad Surgeons, inviting the members
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the course of fistulse. His method seems to be promising and his routine
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-3.25; Medium: -3.25 to -6.00; and High: more than -6.00. The per cent
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stantine Hering Laboratory of Pharmacology and Therapeutics has been fin-
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according to the old school methods has not been neglected, though the
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genito-urinary organs, and the entire nervous system.
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cians and Surgeons of Ontario, a Medical Faculty in connection therewith," It is, perhaps,
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temperature instead of going up to 102 went up to 99.4. The third period
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tions in the domain of physics serve also to indicate the power of
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oratory who can serve as pathfinders in surgery of the central
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hand, we make provision for it that a fifth-year student may spend six months in his year in
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and exciting. The initial causes of disease, according to Roger,