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first were loose, but later, constipated ; no urinary disturb-
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into talipes equinus, and the toes flexed. In some severe cases the
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free. tablet in bottles of 100 - 1,000 - 5,000. Product Identification Mark; Hy. Literature
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position of death being the result of strangulation.
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It moves by rotation on a long axis by ghding movements, forwards
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290. *A lady could not lie upon back or either side, because
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of bronchopneumonia in cases in which the lower respiratory passages
fifth pair, and the connection of their nuclei with the longitudinal
The Providence Lying-in Hospital ; Ninth Annual Report, 1893.
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attending the amyloid. Tonics are often of value. Iron and arsenic are
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C. M. Byrnes, of Johns Hopkins University, has discovered that bichloride of
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She had been operated upon three weeks i)reAiously, July 20, 1908,
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ed, punishment should be certain to follow* When the re-
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5H2 0. In its chemical properties it resembles tannic acid.
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for their intermittent character. There is, however, one form of ano-
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tysis is oftener a salutary event than otherwise, if tuberculous disease
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' Vide article by Ramuel Wilks, in Guy' 8 Honpital Report*, vol. xi., 1865 : also,
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4. Some Phases of Industrial Surgery— Dr. F. Webb Griffith, Asheville.
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country. It causes considerable irritation and a consequent loss
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the cause may have been, quite suddenly, at the end of
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even when maps, gazetteers, and other standards, literary and
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lates the phrenic nerve and has no effect upon the pneumo-
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tain its chemical integrity when all signs of somatic life have ceased,
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Los Angeles. Wed. 6 hrs. $50. Contact: Los Angeles Pediatric So-
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usual rate of nystagmus is about four to six movements per second. It
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of Dr. Ames is more efficient in either the first or second stiage than any other single
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1897.— 8. Idem. "Insanity in Children," Journal of Mental Science, July 1898. —
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Marine-Hospital Service.— In an address recently deliv-
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the converse exists — the anterior fragment overlaps the posterior. The
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aspiration ; recovery. — Henry W., aged fifty, had been subject for many years
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Dr. Simon BARUcn referred to the process of evolution
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Differential diagnosis. — Some of the diseases of the
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The tendon reflexes are usually absent, although in the early stages, when the
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stage are compared with normal averages. There are included aver-
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production of trained investigators, full of enthusiasm, and
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call them chronic fibroid syphilomata. Kecently potassium iodide has
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Please make check payable to the American Medical Association.
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death, and by obviating these, the patient may be enabled to
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should yet be attempting to correct them with the sound,
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observation the weight was four and a half ounces. The coronary vessels,
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origin of the albuminuria is the primary change in the albuminoid matter