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a cure was supposed to be effected. It was frequently used on
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X-ray of the chest shows a chronic bronchitis. X-ray of the intestine
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but that the activating organism was the tubercle bacillus and that
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upon the subject. It is a noticeable fact that the German authorities
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The medical profession is now caught in this current and is
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results. Tuberculin has a fixed value as an agent in diagnosis but
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and physicians, experts in most of the departments of medicine, who
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they would no longer develop to the spore bearing stage (in which
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following pneumonia. In a few cases a persistent tachycardia was
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from the exploding shell. It has been asserted that death may be
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Tuberculous Ulcer of the Larynx, and the Method of Infection
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" It has been already shown that the great mobility of the
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cornmeal. On the day succeeding the reduction the temperature rose to
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purposes, whereas, in Naples, it is not uncommon to have twenty or thirty
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the form of the Scotch douche in the hepatic region can also be used.
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to the external layer of the sheath of the rectus abdominis ; divide
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cylate of "soda. After referring to the remarkable advance which has been
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the same in manifestation and grouping, dependent upon causation.
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toms, but had gone on with the subacute ones until she reached the
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and high temperature, permiting a relaxation of the valve rings
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shall continue with the history. It will be instructive. When the pleural
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chorea with insanity and those observed in the ordinary chorea of child-
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striking similarity in the blood changes found in these cases of
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facts and reasonings which appertain more particularly to human physi-
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neuralgic pains, loss of efficiency, or mental, motor, or sensory
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ized in the future, and when so organized it can be no exception
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the patient this afternoon and he is in fairly good shape.
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stasis, which is revealed only by an augmentation of electric excitability of
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expected to occur or to have occurred, surgical measures stand preeminent,
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tissue and giant-cells are plainly seen. From this I conclude that there
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Your Secretary has taken the same interest in the work of the
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becomes diseased ; but how little light this throws on the
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upon as almost pathognomonic of appendicitis. This point indicates the
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to believe that most of you have seen it, but I doubt if you
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of treatment. One may expect to find here and in the advanced