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claim the reward due to faithful servants. But, though we commend
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of the abduction splint With one on the third day, he was able
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exhibition of gladiatorial medicine, or the illustration of the principles
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I believe that the results, of which the preceding is a summary, taken
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with which he has to contend. Small pox is equally, by common
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the anterior and lateral portions of the rectum, is also drawn out,
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os-tincas was fully dilated. As the liquor amnii escaped, the
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taking up the mucosa and not the other coats is done away with ;
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other, and which may be regarded as a thickening, on its margin,
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and the efforts made to reduce it, making gangrene not an improbable re-
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opposite medicines, will often do away the extravagant respect so uniform-
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the usual physiological stimuli, when known to be present, but
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are extremely valuable and full of interest. In treating of Peri-
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New Treatment for Gonorrhoea! Ophthalmia. By M. CHASSAIGNAC,
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may be punctured, with spiculse of bone, in cases of fracture
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In presenting the above case to the profession, it is not with the
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duction, making the movement very deliberately, and accompany-
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occurred in four per cent, of 8,000 cases of phthisis; but in
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of Buffalo, and attended a course of lectures in the Buffalo Medical
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stituted, the effectual remedy, tor the laryngeal asphyxia in all
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twenty-three cases of this kind, eighteen lives were saved.
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class of physicians who are continually seeking new prescriptions,
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married. The tumor was a multilocular cyst, seventeen inches in circum-
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founder, and in this way he has obtained notoriety with the profes-
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securing a decimal arrangement, applied to the scale of
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amine it with a Coddington lens. The tube is so transparent
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are indispensable in an extraordinary sense, and to the practi-
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the stomach is the result of general debility from other causes,
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ble improvements in the diagnosis of thoracic affections made since the
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sultation over Edward Clemence, a young man of twenty-