Taking Duphaston In 3rd Month

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A. B., Yale University, 1899, M. S., 1901 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University,
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351 ; " the preparation and distribution of antitoxin by the Massachusetts
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of this organ. Nevertheless, Jelgersma 1 maintains that, particu-
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layed, and there is produced more inflammatory thickening than
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In pulmonary phthisis cough is usually the first s}Tnptom mani-
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Assistant Dispensary Surgeon .... Ronald T. Abercrombie.
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ing will take this away at the time of operation. It comes away
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operation should be carried out by a large tube of some kind. Per-
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ern progress in all branches of medicine and surgery. The spe-
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(Hon.), Washington University, 1915; Visiting Physician, City Hospital, N. Y.
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Like the Ten Commandments it stands today in its original outline,
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under these are annual appointments, subject to renewal.
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building, if there be more than one, shall be known as the Women's
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original packages of these tablets were examineii. The tablets con-
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September 12th. Taylor County; fifteen members. President,
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not to patronize any physician who admitted the existence of yellow
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even destructive, yet retain complete insight into the significance
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(4) Tendency to evoke concrete imagery other than visual. The
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parts of plants and to 'the individual proteins of the cereals. —
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pain that shall much inconvenience the patient, yet death may
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Sleeping Car Co. ; ^Ir. Ennis, of the same interest, and a distin-
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jects will be required to stand a joint examination in medi-
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place and the occasion, and challenges, for the time, our best
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Stimulates excretion of urine and flushes the entire urinary tract with
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In the Foothills of Tennessee's Beautiful and Picturesque Mountains
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sally, and all opposition is dispelled the discipline and march of the
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The directors of the Memphis Medical College have established a
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A. B., Harvard University, 1898 ; Columbia University, 1912-13.
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gree of accuracy, and a decent regard for the ordinary rules of
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acidity.— Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1915, xxvi, 262.
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are convergent and concentrated, thus vastly increasing the healing
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brachial paralysis, postnarcotic. Cotton, F. J., and Allen, S. W., 499.
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Physician, St. Joseph's Hospital 1903-1904 ; Dispensary Physician, J. H. H.
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sirous of pursuing some definite lines of investigation may be
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Texas, and shall be effective on and after February 11, 1904 :
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1898-1914 ; Instructor, Associate and Associate Professor in Genito-Urinary
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aphasic symptoms there is no note made in clinical history except that the writing was
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