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and the formation of abscesses until no less than sixteen had been opened.

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most valuable aid — one which is too often overlooked in

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In the accompanying illustrations (Figs, i and 2) I

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"Leukocytes" in Milk. — A large number of cells are normally pres-

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gm. of alcohol a day (= 2 liters of beer) causes the ability to

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Three days later jaundice appeared, which was accompanied

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at Stoke Rivers and that of 1905 in East Herts, occurred in country districts ;

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Broun, M. S., Asheville, Columbia Univ., 1919 1919 1923

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. *For difficult urinating and stone. Expels gravel and

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How does quinine act as regards the velopment after giving quinine. This ob-

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of the red line a pale whitish tracing much wider than the red line.

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Dr. Stone replied that this idea of ample power was

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