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milk or alone; 1000 c.c. (1 qt.) daily of the sulphur waters, but only

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All recent authors, so far as I know, even including Kueneke, who

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along with a state of extreme weakness. This apparent hyper-

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tion of the arsenite of potass in doses of 10 to 15 minims, twice

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tages are replaced by other possibiUties of error almost equally

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tages: it has an unpleasant taste, something like that of chloroform,

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The author has recently had good success in uraemic dyspnoea from

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1. The production of a pronounced pleural reflex with cyanosis, an ir-

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The Opsonic Power of the Patient's Serum Compared with Normal Serum.

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existence of paralysis of the portio dura on the affected side for

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himself quite as freely as he would have bitten another snake,

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Several years ago, Mr Simpson of Edinburgh proposed the plan of

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Such doses should not usually be continued for more than 4 or 5 days.

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with a good deal of its acid, hence its utility in cases of hypersecretion.

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If caries of the teeth is already present. Miller's mouth-wash with the

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More experiments will have to be performed before any definite

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atmosphere passed through sulphuric acid and solution of potash

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