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Thoracentesis should not be resorted to in cases in which croupous
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group. Cutaneous symptoms may appear, as pigmentation ("arsenic-
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of sodium hydroxid. This precipitates the phosphates, which are
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to i- — 0.008-0.0108). The external application of warmth, friction,
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(h) Of Hypertrophic Cirrhosis. — The principal diagnostic points are
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useful introduction to ear-affections ; while the style of question and answer which is adopted
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mode of living, the attention of the physician should be primarily di-
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told the import of each bill to the homoeopathic physician and the
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are unnatural length, location, and arrangement of the organ ; also
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{d) Other forms of albuminuria have been styled physiologic ore func-
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astringents for the purpose of arresting hypersecretion of mucus. The
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actinomyces has been detected in the stools. Secondary metastatic
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Palpation elicits extreme tenderness, more particularly in the vicinity
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implicated, the end may be preceded by cardiac failure.
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eruption, and the Widal-reaction, taken unitedly, will warrant the diag-
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the end of one, two, or more days subsides abruptly by crisis. There
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and advanced cardiac diseases. When fatal, sudden death is the rule.
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consists of removing - all deposits of tartar, also accumulations
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of hemoptysis (Yamane, Japan), and, by the same observer, they were
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exercise, as well as to the direct paralysis of certain muscle groups.
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the elimination of all but soft, bland foods, or a liquid diet until diges-
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attitude and gait ; the tremor when at rest, which sometimes ceases on
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symptoms be excited or greatly aggravated by the taking of food. The
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March 27, 1910, contributes a full-page article on "A Physician's View
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Diagnosis. — With a clear history, in addition to the dyspnea, cough,
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others. The acute may also be followed by the chronic variety. Usually
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with an hysteric tendency. Without previous nausea, and independ-
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lated urine. There may be obstruction in the bladder and urethra, as
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ticularly the larger ones, are congenital in origin. When acquired they
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Having now in mind the manner in which the kidney suffers
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Auscultation discloses most important signs during the stage of re-
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text book. The recognition of the blood is a familiar clinical
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character of the convulsions, and the associated hysteric manifestations.
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though usually not until a week has passed. There is an ichorous dis-
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what thickened pleura. General synechia is, however, not rare, par-
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tracted, causing the knees and elbows to be acutely bent. Mastication,
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venous pulsation in the neck would point indisputably to right ventric-