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learned that she was addicted to the chewing-gum habit, and

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the gall-bladder showing that he suffered from a localized peritonitis

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dial joint, while the patient perceives a boiling sound in his ear.

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different occasions during the two months he was under our care,

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Patient made an uninterrupted recovery from this operation and

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Fig. 8. Epidermal nerve cells and their dendrites as seen in a prepara-

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of the appendix was the primary factor in the disease process.

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that in proportion as the vulva is in apposition bacteria are absent ; the

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emaciated, who presented a bulging prsecordium with presystolic murmur

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An interesting example of what may happen in cases of stone

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hyperplasia of the lymphoid glands at puberty, a most active

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distinguish letters of XL. Jiiger's type with left eye, and only just with

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toes was very marked. The patient was well again in ten days.

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while intoxicated. The blood came from the usual point, anterior

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of an early albuminuria can be absolutely excluded. Henoch has seen this

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low of the American Surgical Association ; Ex-President Medical Society

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ever the actual circulatory disease may be. Thus a certain process may, or

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in the vomitus which his doctor told him was blood.

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able stimulation, an incision was made over the tumor. On entering the

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deaf during ordinary conversation. The hearing-distance is remarkably

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Sarcoma seldom involves the anus. This is the general ex-

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On July 15, 1896, at the New York Polyclinic Medical School

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foration. This form of the disease is always serious, as it is invariably a symptom

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cavity. Creolin, he concludes, seems to be particularly destructive to the

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stoppage of the heart. Further details of the experiments will be looked for

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is practically impossible. Occurrence is rare. Villandre collected

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The Council of National Defense authorizes the following:

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but the crescentic bodies, during an apyretic interval. With true scien-

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our treatment by this knowledge. Now regarding the blood as a tissue

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mining these details of their work. The system adopted will certainly

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ability, and trustworthiness as a friend by your long and faithful

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than with any other means, owing to the property of creolin to diminish

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distances without fatigue, his right leg giving him the same support as the

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to get the weight of the uterus with the child on this side, and at the

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visit. It is obvious to any man who thinks, that such an arrange-

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plies the caudal end of the rectum, the ectal sphincter, and the

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pernicious legislation through the Guild, the Press and otherwise.

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sensation in the hands, and but the slightest increase in the size of the letters

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6. The amount of haemoglobin was a far better guide to the severity

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etiology. The diagnosis is confirmed by the casting off of portions of the