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frontal headache and some dimrhoea. The motions were liquid.

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baclofen tablets what are they for

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ciety; Practitioners' Society of New York; Society for

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replied, very calmly, but feebly, " I am badly injured. Doctor ; I

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two of cystitis, two of prolapse, and one of pyosalpinx,

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the aqueous humor, lens, and vitreous body ; in fact, it is only the

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seat of injury. The substance of the brain was found to be soft-


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of encephalitis due to the virus of poliomyelitis has

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immersed, and which is the vehicle of his power. We pass to other systems, and

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stage, in giving one dose very quickly, a cough was brought

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afterwards involved, the result seems in most instances to be be-

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indicate indisposition for work. When attention was first directed

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in winter, or when first turned on grass in early spring,

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and airy, and do not confine the food to grain alone.

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Act had landed them with regard to tuberculosis. Attention

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but he (Professor McWeeney) was struck with the difficulty

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references to the literature of the subject, which has

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as neither an allopath nor a homoeopath, neither heroic nor

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