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greater or less quantity (nux, gaL^ fyc), is incontestible. Its relative

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a tube into the pharynx caused severe general spasm ; enemata of beef-

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quilts or any thick material can be used, over brown paper or an oilcloth

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could object to the creation of as many eye infirmaries as the community

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ject is to supply abundance of nourishment in a readily digestible form.

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is less perplexing to use a provisional classification which is both

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the cholera toxin will suffice, since our knowledge of it is still very im-

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rabbits, and massaged one joint. Upon examining the articulation

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and outside this again some folds of lint, and the whole fixed by a

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The composition of cells is mainly spongioplasm and hyaloplasm ; the

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also occur, especially it seems after head injuries. They arise in con-

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during which it is available, and the danger of contracting chills, chiefly

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IIov: does the protective serum act? Does it act (1) as an antidote to

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diseases in which clinical experience has taught us its usefulness.

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sidered a physiological diuretic. The experiments of Hahn, Masson,

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stitutions. It was clearly recognised by Dr. C. R. Francis as the ex-

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profitable. Into whatever hands the Journal may fall at some future day,

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nevertheless into a looser combination which results in a temporary sus-

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immediate result of the presence of the irritant, and then can scarcely

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or thrice a week for ten minutes at a time, and this treatment carried

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that an augmentation in the volume of the arm takes place. These dis-

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As to the effect on tubercular consumption, the result of the experi-

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disposition to the continuation of precisely the same motions that arrang-

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ments may play a similar part in more complex compounds, that the

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that, unless the incision be made early, severe haemorrhage may occur.

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death in three days. On post-mortem examination the small intestine

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vaseline, and seeing that it is full, so as not to inject air, with the fore-

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therefore a facultative saprophyte. To this question we shall return.

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varying agents, is the chief. The most important qualities of the atmos-

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sistently in case after case to be the result of a fortuitous coincidence of

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present holds that it plays a very secondary part compared with jjhago-

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