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separate Ministry of Public Health. It has been alleged —
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Several cases of small-pox have recently occurred at Bishop's Castle,
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tlie areola towards the left axilla. There were also three other
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its specific energy, combine to produce them. Not infre-
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Dk. Goyder gave his experience of salol. It was not so
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The report of tlie E^sex and Herts Bpnevolent IVfedifal
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li-8S was 2 per 1,000,000. Taking towns alone, the following'
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At the North Riding Police Court at Scarborough, on March 2nd, Dr.
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protozoic bodies described in cancer. He showed a number
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dressed by the Lord Mayor and the British Institute of Public
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useful in their generation was in itself a more eloquent
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Moore points out the great value of Glisson's work, and shows
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tion to general hygiene. Passing on to consider absolute
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was the cause of the acute obstruction, and when they met
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and the emotions, and the old stories are trotted out of
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and the right side quite pallid ; the division was extremely
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and the Faculty of Pliysicians and Surgeons of Glasgow have
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Physicians on Monday last by a majority so large that no
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Society, who had upon his right the guest of the evening,
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West Riding of Yorkshire, of which fio are reported from Leeds and
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Sib,— I observe that under the head of " New Inventions,"
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Knowing as I did that the injection of chloroform into the
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bably of a malignant nature from its gradual progress) lay
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deserve careful notice ; all the more as he never leaves out of
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attended by circumstances of peculiar interest, and assumed
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It may well be asked why there are still failures when every
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■weeks previously it had had a series of six convulsions, and
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A RESOLUTION was recently passcd at a conference of local authorities
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demonstrated. The one acts indirectly and requires a certain
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curative treatment, little can be done except follow up the
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traction rod has no screw and only one collar, which effectu-
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Pennington, it was decided to raise a fund to promote the
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Mr. F. Fergus, Glasgow. (G) Dr. J. Goodhart, London ; Dr. W. Gra-
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of Continental spa waters at Ischl was only one-eighth the
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away. Thus the police are practically the masters of the
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