Heterotaxy or Transposition of the Viscera. — Under the name of trans-
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Cooper, Ed. ii., London, 189,5, Parasjrphilis : Les affections parasyphilitiques. By Alfrei>
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readiness. The unexpected turn given to the operation, by the almost
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astinum opened and the gland pulled forward. (2) In cases of sudden death
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possible, and when the patient, from timidity of the expected pain, contracts
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very small quantity, will often be the source of high irritation, where blue
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Hellebore contains a number of alkaloids of which one — veratrine —
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have ascertained to be 1 to 4J (p. 236), has not been commonly ob-
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borne in mind that any of these conditions may take on malignant
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dermic injection of one -thirtieth of a grain of hyoscine caused severe
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or it may be that he recovers, and as consciousness is regained, the patient
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Travel. By various Writers. Smith, Elder, & Co., London, 1899.
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After the Eiviera there are a considerable number of health resorts
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On the whole, appearances similar to those found in man prevail. There
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hearing had been in the same state since the earliest recollection oF the
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medicine and surgery in cold and mountainous regions at the north and
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malformations. At the same time it cannot be doubted that diseases
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through the mother's system, until the child collects the living corpuscles
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geon, he offered to perform the first services required by the injury, and
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occur In the private practice of a country physician and surgeon. JOSEPH B. FLINT,
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Adductor-jerk (L. 4 [?]). — This is best elicited by abducting the thigh
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increased rapidly until there are symptoms of slight salivation, when the
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all frequented by invalids, or at least visitors whose object in travelling is
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and sometimes every hour, was almost constantly employed. It ren-
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delphta. — This hospital was established in 1752. It has a departtoeoi
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the former heading (12). These cancers arise in pigmented moles.
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care must be exercised in dealing with the eyelids so as not to produce a
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piration. In most cases this relative infrequency of the respiration con-
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the exception of occasional localised patches of anaesthesia, together with
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sent time. I fear it will be difficult to give you an accurate idea of the
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is often the prelude to a deeper and more serious form of poisoning, and
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transparent grey granulations. I have seen the first case only twice, and
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bone, and then onwards along the line of the digastric muscle and anterior edge
Thb undersigned are associated for the purpose of instructing in all the branches of Medicine and
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2nd. A disproportionate diminished frequency of the respiration indi-
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tions with the air or intestinal gases are most prone to become cancerous,
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such a solution of salt, and be allowed to dry, before it is used.
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services on each Sabbath, in a neat chapel erected for the purpose.
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