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glands of the intestines are divided, usually, into four stages :
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Lieut.-Col. C. S. ilcVicar. who returned from overseas re-
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variety of objects (toys, clothing, library books, letters, slates and
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man who sidod liehind the har and ihe man who st(^(id in trdiit (d
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which beats rapidly, and there may be at first a distressing palpitation ;
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their breakfast. The cost of living per individual is low, very
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and other hygienic measures may have been in large part re-
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In fuel we get the heat and muscular power, and thus deal
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minutes at 80°, or the circular douche for fifteen seconds at 85°, under
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Paris — London — Sir William Ferguson, Sir Thomas Watson, Sir
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the pseudo-membrane, but rather, according to Rotch, upon three fac-
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diluted, preferably with lime-water. If the patient experience a strong
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through tuberculous mothers. The observations of Csokor- upon hered-
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occur, the latter should be recognized and briefly described. It may
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fever until about the middle of the eighteenth century. Since then con-
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ternity which is too (ii'oiid to advertise, that docfni-s have come to
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is to be sought in the diminution or removal of those cutaneous irrita-
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few cases, I have been impressed with the fact that perhaps rest
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Virginia Hot Springs, placed on a cot adjoining the douche room,
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wool clothing, good food, and an environment as nearly asep-
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graft one variety on a stock, and then next year to this you
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compress is changed, as indicated above, the vapor is more slowly
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size within the widest limits, most frequently being situated near the base
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alone and only in the intestinal tract, we might reach them.
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valuable work, in which the directions for hydrotherapy are quite
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5 per cent, of the cases, and congenital stenosis of the pulmonary ori-
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certain way in which individual cases of this disease can be
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This is, in a nutshell, the effect of cold bathing in infectious fevers;
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ture or from failure of the nervous system is rarely observed; the chief
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edges and in the base of the ulcer, and secondary contraction of this
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rabbits furnish an accurate criterion, though it must not be forgotten that
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(4) Hemoptysis. — According to some authors, hemoptysis is potent in